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Aberdeen Health & Wellbeing Festival

We are delighted to be attending the second ever Aberdeen Health & Wellbeing Festival.  Having attended the first one "pre-covid" in early 2020, we are delighted the festival is back!  Held once again at the Robert Gordon University we are excited to see what this years festival has in store.

abdn festival_edited.jpg

We will be running Tough Monkees Taster classes for all ages outside throughout the day. 

Tots (Age 3-5) 

9.30am-10.00am, 11.00am-11.30am, 1.00pm-1.30pm

Adventurers (P1-P4)

10.00am-10.30am, 11.30am-12.00pm, 1.30pm-2.00pm

Explorers (P4-P7)

10.30am-11.00am, 12.00pm-12.30pm, 2.00pm-2.30pm


(scroll to the 1st October to find classes)



















We will also be running a MISS FITS WORKSHOP inside 2.45pm - 3.30pm


The Miss Fits programme is a girls specific programme of activities run by  Movement Evolution Scotland.  We aim to encourage everybody to find physical activities that they enjoy, to develop competence and confidence in movement skills, and ultimately to encourage everyone to take part in regular physical activity to benefit both their physical and mental health. Our activities are intended for girls in Primary 7 and older.  


This workshop is open to girls, quines, ladies, chicks, wifies, and lassies in Primary 7 and above.  The practical workshop will guide you through a range of athletic skills games and challenges.  Designed to challenge how you think about movement and exercise but most of all this workshop aims to offer a fun and engaging way to think about movement and exercise.  To book your space and other workshops and sessions at the festival click the button below.

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