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We are delighted to be working with the charity Alpine Training Centre and FUEL 10K on THE ATC FUEL 10k CHALLENGE.  The objective of the challenge is to keep young ski racers across Scotland active and mentally and physically healthy during lock down, prior to returning to their skis. 

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The 8 week long ATC FUEL 10K CHALLENGE is open to skiers across Scotland and beyond looking to keep themselves fit and healthy, and physically challenge themselves before we all return to skis very soon!

1) Register for THE ATC FUEL 10K CHALLENGE here

2) You will be automatically added to THE ATC FUEL 10K CHALLENGE WhatsApp group and you may also wish to join THE ATC FUEL 10K CHALLENGE Facebook group here to keep up to date with the challenge.


3) On Monday 1st March start logging your Active Kilometres.  Your Active Kilometres will be added to your own individual total; your regional team average; and the total for all participants. 

In addition we have set you a challenge, as a whole group, of getting from Cairngorm Mountain Ski Centre to Hintertux, Austria (location of the ATC October Camps) a total of 2,212km. 

Click here log your Active Kilometres.

Monday 1st March will also see the release of the first weeks challenges.  Your challenge results will be compiled onto a leader board to allow you to compare yourself to your friends and other challengers.   Complete the challenges and submit your results here

Challenge results need to be submitted by midnight of the Saturday of the challenge week.

4) We will be updating the leader boards twice a week, keep up to date by joining the ATC FUEL 10K CHALLENGE Facebook group here and joining us on our weekly Sunday evening Zoom call.