2 weeks, 10 challenges and lots of prizes.

With no school to go to or group gatherings to attend it means no Sports Days but fear not we have you covered.  This is a chance to compete against your friends and family and represent your schools, sports clubs and youth groups.  With different categories for children and adults we have the whole family covered.  We have hundreds of pounds worth of prizes up for grabs which have been kindly donated by local businesses Aquaplay Scotland, and Boarderline as well as from us at Movement Evolution Scotland.

How does it work?

Step 1.  Complete the entry form for Under 16s here and for Over 16s here

              (Please complete this prior to midnight on Tuesday 26th May.)

Step 2. Check out our YouTube and Facebook channels each day at 4.30pm for the days challenge. 


Step 3. Video yourself completing the challenge and submit your results and the video here.

             (For challenges on Mondays to Thursdays you will have to submit your results before midnight the following day. For Friday                   challenges you have until midnight on the Sunday.)

Step 4. Check out our Facebook channel at 4.30pm on Monday 8th June for a live prize giving.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been unable to run our regular activities, including supporting clubs or visiting schools. Early on we knew had to come up with another way of keeping our community engaged with movement education and activity.  So on Thursday March 18th we launched our daily challenges. Each weekday afternoon (and some weekends) we post daily challenges for children (and adults) to take part in whilst we have no school P.E, classes or after school activities. You can find them all on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. We love to see you completing the challenges so really appreciate being sent videos of everyone taking part.



Whilst it may not feel like a normal end of school term, it is true the Summer holidays are nearly here! 

And while that may not mean holidays to foreign destinations this year, we have some Summer holiday plans which we hope to reveal to you soon.  In the meantime we will be providing activities three times per week.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4.30pm on our Facebook channel.

Mondays will feature a live activity such as our fantastic Spin the Wheel, and pack of cards challenge and will include FUNdamental movement skills and tasks to challenge your fitness.

Wednesdays we will issue you with a measured challenge, whilst we don't have any prizes for this pride will be at stake and we will be giving a shout out to the best scores.  You can submit your results here (please submit them by midnight on the Thursday of that week).

Fridays is when we get creative, and we want to see! Please tag us @movementevolutionscotland in your videos on Facebook or @Movement_Evolution_Scotland on Instagram and use the hashtag #MESfinalfling 

Last but not least we have something special up our sleeves for the final Friday, Friday 3rd of July. Keep your eyes on our social media to .

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