Over the last 8 months Movement Evolution Scotland have adapted our regular activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic including daily challenges, a virtual sports day and a heap of pop up activities.  Now we're back in Lockdown we are providing some new challenges. For the young athletes out there we have the Sports Performers Team Challenge.  It's completely free to enter with the aim of keeping young athletes moving during this difficult time. Participants choose to join one of four teams. Once registered you can earn points for your team by logging their active kilometres. This can be running, dog walking, cycling, skiing or anything really. In addition to this there will be three bonus challenges per week which will go live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4pm, where you can earn extra points for your teams. We will be keeping everyone up to date with how each team are getting on with regular social media updates.

Step 2. 

Sign up here

(You can sign up at any time even if the challenge has already started)

Step 3.

Start logging your Active Kilometres here

(You can be active in any way you like hiking up hills, cycling, skiing, running, walking, even how much distance you cover in a          snowball fight!! Remember to screenshot and upload your evidence eg. strava, etc)

Step 4.

Recruit your friends for your team and share your activity on social media.

Step 5. 

Earn bonus points for you team by completing the Bonus Challenges issued on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4pm on our YouTube and Facebook channels.  Upload your Bonus Challenges results here (with video evidence).


Step 6.

Keep up to date with the Sports Performers Team Challenge by liking our Facebook page @movementevolutionscotland and                following us on Instagram @Movement_Evolution_Scotland





For younger movers The Movement Evolution Academy have produced a series of weekly themed online booklets with ideas on how to keep even our youngest movers active and healthy.  Designed for our Adventurers and Tots age groups.  Each Monday a new pack will be released right here.  Starting on Monday  11th January.

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