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The Miss Fits programme is our girls specific programme of activities.  Movement Evolution Scotland aims to encourage everybody to find physical activities that they enjoy, to develop competence and confidence in movement skills, and ultimately take part in regular physical activity to benefit both their physical and mental health.


It is well documented that there is a significant drop out of girls from sports in the UK, in fact Women in Sport 2021 research shows that 1 in 3 girls drop out of sports during puberty.  The same research showed more than half of teenage girls admit they do not play sport at all.  Girls say they dropped out of sports for several reasons,  29% of girls aged 14-16 say not being good at sport stops them from taking part in school sport.  In addition low self-worth and a predetermined sense of failure left 50% of girls feel paralysed by their fear of failure at puberty stopping them trying new things. 

Click here for more information on the Women in Sport 2021 research.

All Miss Fits activities aim to break down barriers to participation in females in Primary 7 and older, and provide encouragement, enthusiasm and support for all regardless of ability.


Regular Miss Fits Classes

We offer a variety of regular Miss Fits classes at The Movement Bothy.  All these classes are for the Movement Evolution Scotland Trail Blazer (P7+) age group.  Current Miss Fits classes are Miss Fits Bootcamp and Miss Fits Combat. 

Classes are bookable by term for The Movement Bothy members.

Miss Fits Pop Up Activities

The Miss Fits Pop Up Activities aim to give girls the opportunity to try new activities, and develop skills in a friendly and supportive all female environment.  Take a look at our timetable to see when are next Miss Fits Pop Up Activities are.

Miss Fits M&M Days .png

Miss Fits Movement & Mindset Days

The Miss Fits Movement and Mindset Days are stand alone activity days which utilise movement activities including freespirit sports to promote positive mental health. Days will include a range of activities including Surfing; Skateboarding; Paddleboarding; Yoga; Pilates and much more. Alongside the activities each day will include a workshop on a mental health topic such as Being Confident; Developing Resilience and Having a Growth Mindset. 

Miss Fits Clothing

We have a selection of Miss Fits clothing available to purchase from Funky Panther.  All profits made from clothing sold is reinvested into the programme.

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