Our Tough Monkees regular activity classes and sessions for Adventurer and Explorer age groups are currently on hold while we look for a home to enable us to be able to deliver our activities effectively.


Our Movement Evolution Performance Sports Performer sessions for the Trail Blazer age group are currently running outdoors.  These classes aim to build on the Basic Movement Skills developed through the Tough Monkees regular activity classes and develop the conditions of movement required to excel in most sports including strength, speed, power and quickness.  


“Always remember you are unique just like everybody else.”


We are all unique and children’s development is just the same.  Children develop at different rates both physically, mentally, and socially.  Height, weight, confidence, the ability to listen or follow instruction, and many other things develop and change at different rates and are unique to each individual.  This is particularly true when we compare girl’s maturation rates to boys.  Movement Evolution Scotland aims to work with each child and their own rates of development, this is why we have flexible age groups, which overlap. 

We do advise that all children are initially booked into the younger age group, for example Primary 4s be booked into Adventurers classes and Primary 7s be booked into Explorers classes. Once our experienced coaches have worked with them for one or two classes, they will advise of the best age group for future bookings





The Tough Monkees regular activity classes are for  the Adventurer and Explorer age groups.  They provide an opportunity to develop a foundation of Basic Movement Skills using fun, games AND obstacle courses.  Typically 60 minutes in length they are designed to compliment participation in existing sports clubs.















For aspiring athletes our Sports Performers regular youth Strength and Conditioning classes for our Trail Blazer age group.  These sessions aim to help young people fulfill their athletic potential as they begin to specialise and invest time and effort in specific sports.  These sessions are typically 75 minutes long and will aim to develop strength, speed, power and overall athletic competence.

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