Recommended age:  Trail Blazers age group (Primary 7+)

Coach to participant ratio: 1:8 (maximum)

For aspiring athletes our two hour Sports Performer Holiday Sessions aim to help young people fulfill their athletic potential as they begin to specialise and invest time and effort in specific sports.  With a focus on building on Basic Movement Skills with Co-ordinative Athletic Skills such as balance, adaptability and reaction.  In addition these sessions will work on attributes such as Strength, Power and Speed as well as providing educational resources to aid progression in their chosen sports. 

There will be a Development Group running alongside our regular Sports Performers.  The Development Group is for those just starting out with the Sports Performers programme and perfect for those who do not attend Sports Performers sessions regularly.


How good does my child have to be at their chosen sport(s)?

It doesn't matter how good your child is or isn't at their chosen sport(s) but instead how good they want to be.  Our Sports Performers Camps are designed for youngsters who want to excel by listening, working hard and applying themselves.

Will my child be lifting weights?

Yes, though this will vary in nature depending on each camp and the capabilities of the participants.  It may vary from light weight sandbells, or powerbags, to kettlebells and bar bells. Focus is always on teaching and maintaining good form, and participants will never be pushed beyond their own capabilities.

Isn't that bad for children when they are young?

Despite many peoples thoughts that resistance training is unsafe or inappropriate for youth, there is now a compelling body of scientific evidence that supports its use by children and adolescents for a wide range of performance, health, and injury reducing benefits. Research has indicated that various forms of resistance training can elicit significant performance improvements in muscular strength, power production,running velocity, change of direction speed, and general motor performance, in youth. From a health perspective, evidence suggests that resistance training can make positive alterations in overall body composition, reduce abdominal and trunk fat, improve insulin-sensitivity in overweight adolescents, and enhance cardiac function in obese children. Importantly, it has also been suggested that regular participation in an appropriately designed exercise programme, which includes resistance training, can enhance bone mineral density and reduce sports-related injury risk in young athletes.


For Summer 2021 we are pleased to announce we will be running SPORTS PERFORMER HOLIDAY SESSIONS at King George V Park, Banchory.