Louise Hastie

Louise is probably the Director that comes up with the biggest BHAG's (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).  She has been sports mad her whole life and graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a Degree in Sports and Leisure Management and from Nottingham Trent University with a Master's Degree in Sports Law.  In addition, she has various sports coaching and personal training qualifications.  Louise is an experienced sports development professional as well as having experience in sports facility management.

Josef Tautscher

Josef is probably the most sensible of all the Directors.  Half Austrian, Josef is a highly experienced ski instructor having worked for several seasons in his home country.  Now coaching skiing in Scotland in his spare time, he is also a tutor for Snowsport Scotland on their instructor courses.  In addition to this he has experience in sports facility management as well as being a qualified personal trainer and hill walking guide.

Katy Holt

Katy is probably the most positive and enthusiastic of all the Directors and is up for most crazy ideas (usually suggested by Louise but thankfully moderated by Josef.)  Katy is a highly experienced personal trainer, a qualified ski instructor and Mum to 11 year old, Amelie.  With Katy it is always worth remembering not to get on the wrong side of her as she has a mean front kick from a history of MMA training!


Coach Katy
More information on Coach Katy coming soon.
Coach Louise
Coach Louise has over 20 years of experience coaching sport and physical activity.  She is a REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer, who is also a qualified Boxercise and Boxercise Kick Instructor and a WFPF Certified Parkour Instructor.  She is a UKCP Level 2 Alpine Ski Race Coach and Snowsport Scotland Ski Instructor.  Always striving to learn more Coach Louise is currently working towards UK Strength and Conditioning Association accreditation.  Louise aims to help those around her be the best they can be.
Coach Josef
More information on Coach Josef coming soon.
Coach Zoe
Enthusiastic and bubbly Coach Zoe is super fun to be around and likes to get the best out of those around her. She is a Snowsport Scotland Ski Instructor, a UKCP Level 1 Freestyle Ski Coach and a REPS Level 2 Fitness Instructor. Zoe is currently studying for her MSc in Performance Coaching at Stirling University.  Zoe can often be found upside down.


Coach Kieran
19 year old Coach Kieran is the first of our Young Leaders supported by the Movement Evolution Academy Young Leaders Programme.  Kieran is a WFPF certified Parkour and Freerunning Instructor,   He is also a Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance Level 2 Instructor, Level 1 Park Instructor and Level 1 Adaptive Instructor.  A former member of the British U18 Alpine Ski Team Kieran can often be found walking on his hands, or flipping off something.

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