Recommended age:  Girls age 11+    Boys age 13+

Coach to participant ratio: 1:9 (maximum)

The Trail Blazer Camps provide freedom to explore movement through physical activity and free spirit sports, such as roller skiing, skateboarding, parkour and stand up paddle boarding, in a largely non-competitive environment.  In addition they provide opportunities to use creative outlets to celebrate both individual and group experiences and achievements.  While a main aim of these camps is to have fun whilst being physically active we also aim to help develop the following psycho-social areas:

  • ​Creativity

  • Curiosity 

  • Judgement

  • Love of learning

  • Communication skills

  • Bravery

  • Perseverance

  • Honesty

  • Resilience

  • Confidence

  • Kindness​

  • Social Intelligence

  • Teamwork

  • Fairness

  • Leadership


What are "Free Spirit Sports"?

"Free Spirit Sports" is the term we use to describe sports or physical activities that: may allow for freedom and creativity in movement; can be competitive but doesn't have to be; is often participated outdoors and away from the confinement of walls, though not always.  Examples of these "Free Spirit Sports" are skiing, snowboarding, parkour, skateboarding, paddle boarding and surfing. 

Why are there different recommended ages for girls and boys for your camps?

Girls and boys have different physical and mental maturation stages of development hence the recommended ages are different for girls and boys.  From our experience, this tends to give the girls slightly more challenge than in standard age groupings and allows the boys a little more freedom to be explore.

Does my child need specific equipment?


On booking your space we will provide you with a full kit list, but don't worry no specific equipment is required to attend any of these camps. 

Why can't I book my child in for single days?

Our camps are planned around participation in all of the days.  Content is built on day to day much as you would expect at school, as such it is unfair on children either attending all the days and having to recap things unnecessarily or on children not attending all the days and having to play catch up.


For Summer 2019 we are pleased to announce we will be running TRAIL BLAZER CAMPS from Kippie Lodge Sports & Country Club, Miltimber.  We will be offering a discounted price to Kippie Lodge members, please contact Kippie Lodge for your discount code prior to booking.

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