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Easter Holidays

We have a range of activities on at The Movement Bothy this Easter holidays.


Tough Monkees do Parkour Day Camps

Non-Members - £32.00

Members - £28.00

A day of activity combining our in house movement literacy programme, Tough Monkees and Parkour activities at The Movement Bothy.

Skateboarding Thursdays

Non-Members - £7.00

Members - £6.00

All equipment including protective equipment is provided if required.


Our Introduction to Skateboarding pop up classes are suitable for those who have either never done any skateboarding or have had one or two lessons with The Movement Bothy coaches or elsewhere. The focus is on

learning and developing the basics of skateboarding, including: pushing and gliding; tic tacs; frontside and backside turns; and hippy jumps and body varials.


Our Beginners Skateboarding pop up classes are suitable for those who are confident pushing and gliding, and can complete tic tacs in both directions as well as frontside and backside turns. The main focus of these sessions are learning to drop in, learning a basic ollie, and joining skills together.


Our Improvers Skateboarding pop up classes are suitable for those who are comfortable dropping into a low ramp or bowl.  These classes will be tailored to the level and interests of the participants in the class.

Parkour Thursdays

Non-Members - £9.00

Members - £8.00

Parkour is the physical discipline of training to move freely over and through any terrain using only the abilities of the body, principally through running, jumping, climbing and swinging.

Bronze Group Parkour - £14.00

Bronze Group Parkour is suitable for those in regular Explorer and Trail Blazer Parkour classes.


BMX Fridays

60 minute class at The Movement Bothy

Non-Members - £9.00

Members - £8.00

Our Introduction to BMX pop up classes are for those that are new to BMX as well as those who have done a little before.  Participants are expected to already be able to ride a bike on flat ground confidently.  Helmets are compulsory for all participants and we can provide helmets though if you prefer your own please bring one with you.  BMX bikes are provided.

90 minute class at Skatepark

Non-Members - £12.00

Members - £10.00

Our Beginners BMX pop up classes are for those that are in regular BMX classes at The Movement Bothy or elsewhere and are confident riding a BMX bike, including standing up whilst riding, riding along a moderate balance beam and hitting small ride on jumps with confidence.

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