Our regular TOUGH MONKEES obstacle sessions have a focus on developing fundamental movement skills through fun activities, games, and obstacle courses.  Focus areas for development throughout these sessions are:


  • Balancing and falling;

  • Throwing, catching, hitting and aiming;

  • Rolling, tumbling and turning;

  • Sprinting, crawling and hopping;

  • Pulling, pushing and lifting.  

  • Jumping and landing;

  • Kicking, shooting and aiming.

These sessions are typically 60 minutes in length, are designed to compliment sport specific activities and are available for our ADVENTURERS and EXPLORERS age groups.

For more information on the Movement Evolution Scotland age groups click here.


Due to current restrictions we are unable to run our regular indoor Tough Monkees Obstacle Sessions we are however running "Pop Up" Tough Monkees Obstacle sessions outdoors in various locations.  For more information visit our Pop Up Activities section or click here.

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